Project Description

Vista Lodge Estate – Signage and Branding throughout the complex

Vista Lodge engaged our team to work closely with their independent graphic designer to effectively continue their brand throughout the large accommodation complex. They are a large open area bush setting complex that required road signage, gated entrance signage, driveway signage, reception signage, building signage, amenities signage, safety signage, key tags, welcome books and activity related signage. We were able to utilise every aspect of our services that we had at our finger tips. Our in house printers CNC machine and Laser machine were used to complete this project and this allowed our team to get creative to produce the best possible solution for each individual integral part of branding. We used out digital printer to manufacture graphics, fabric signage and banners. We used our CNC machine to cut aluminium and acrylic to product the side wall signage for entrance and the signature leaf for the gates which had to part as the gates opened but still look the same both sides of the gates. We manufactured architectural signage installed with standoff’s for the buildings and the amenities signage to give them another dimension. We utilized our laser machine to create branded and numbered key tags for their rooms, we decided to use timber which was cut in the shape of their signature leaf and burn the logo and room number inside the leaf. This best reflected their bush setting and kept the brand continuing throughout.