Project Description

Dubbo Entry Signs – 4 x 3D Entry signs with solar lighting and 4 x re-facing of existing entry signs.

What a great project to work on – with projects like these, we understand that there are numerous meetings to attend from concept to structural, committees to review decisions, miniature scale models to be produced and various factors to be managed, but we love it! This is where we get to shine, we love creating something that reflects a community, assists with giving them a statement for years to come. Within this project, we produced two miniature models for the powers to be, to review and consider their design concepts. Once they locked in their design, we proceeded fabricate the framework, placed the wiring within the frame work for the solar lighting system, encase the framework by sheeting the framework with AMC and painting the exterior in their selected colour. The text was required to be 3D so we set about cutting the text out of 50mm HDU and AMC faced panels on our in house CNC machine. Once all the elements were manufactured we set about setting the foundation pads which the engineer stipulated was to installed onto a 200mm slab due to the possibility of hitting rocks if having to excavate the ground and also able to be removed if a flood hits in at least one of the locations. The sign is designed that they can be dismantled and moved until they are able to be safely re-installed, if the need arises. The last touches for this project was installing the solar lighting system on each location which was required to provide lighting when dark.