Project Description

Caltex Park: Stadium Signage, External signage, Internal Signage & LED Score board signage

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Stage two of this project consisted of re-vamping the external score board tower and updating the old manual scoring system to a new LED screen which was to be operated from the grand stand which was located 200mts from the score board tower. We were required to remove the existing frame work from the tower and fabricate a new framing system which had to be installed in three pieces to fit within the existing building. We allowed for its imperfections and hidden issues as we were installing, it was adjusted to suit as installation was in progress. Once the frame was in place, we started to install the 3mt x 4mt LED screen which consisted of eight individual panels, each weighing 70kg, this required them to be craned into position to be fitted neatly within the framing system that had been installed. Once the LED screens were in place, the framework was sheeted with ACM panels, the electrical and data wiring was installed, Caltex Park branding was added, we completed this project by painting the external existing facade to keep within their budget and giving the tower a complete new fresh look.