Project Description

Quality Inn Motel – Reception Area & Bar area refurbishment

This project was so much fun, we really got our teeth into this one and our clients really trusted our judgement. Again we got to work with our magic creator, interior designer Norman, to set such wonderful mood throughout the reception area, restaurant area and the bar area. We came up with the solution to keep as much of the existing suitable structural counters that we could and give them a fresh new lease of life by either stripping the outer shell of a bar area and build it from its bones up or sheeting the reception counter to give a fresh flat, clean finish. We removed the existing 80’s mirrors that were behind the bar and re-sheeted the wall in a satin black surface to really compliment the way their restaurant logo was going to be displayed. But the girls wanted more, so after a few thinking sessions we decided to build a timber tier shelf to compliment the fireplace and ironbark throughout the area. We decided to set in LED lighting into the leading edge to let their colourful bottles behind the bar make a statement and help entice their customer’s sensors.

When it came to the restaurant area, we understand that refurbishing three areas can add up very quickly so together we came up with the solution of keeping the restaurant tables and resurfacing them in the same heavy duty vinyl that we used on the bar and reception counter areas. This helped tie the three areas together and allowed out customer to save $$$ on not having to buy new tables for this area.