CNC Machining Throughout Dubbo, Tamworth, Bathurst, Bourke and Beyond

CNC engraving is a great way to add text, logos and other designs to a surface for an aesthetically pleasing result. At Ultimate Digital, we have years of experience using engraving for a wide range of applications, whether they be for branding, informational purposes or anything in between. Whether you have a vague concept that needs development or a clear design that’s ready to go, come to us for all your CNC engraving needs and we’ll help you turn it into a result that is as exceptional as it is unique.

What is CNC engraving?

Other than a few specialised fields, the days of hand engraving are long gone. Thanks to the modern technology used in the cutting-edge CNC machinery at Ultimate Digital, we are able to mechanically engrave a surface with high precision by programming text, logos or drawings via computer. In addition to the design itself, we are able specify exact depths and can work with a variety of materials. These include steel, aluminium, plexiglass, PVC, ceramics, timber, glass, leather, acrylic, plastic and much more.

We engrave for a variety of applications

Our CNC machining services are highly versatile, meaning we can take virtually any concept and turn it into something that goes above and beyond your expectations. We engrave for many applications throughout Tamworth, Bathurst, Dubbo and Bourke, including:

  • Room labels
  • Glassware
  • Plaques
  • Signage
  • Desk nameplates
  • Road signs
  • Safety signs

Talk to the team to discuss your next project

From creatives to corporates, we understand that you are different to any other client. We’re dedicated to understanding your budget, needs and objectives as acutely as possible, which allows us to guide your project towards the best possible outcome. Combine that with 40 years of experience and cutting edge CNC machining technology, and there’s no one else you need! Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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